Wednesday, December 7, 2011

OUTRAGE at Community Board 1

Last night, Michael Hofmann of OUTRAGE presented a proposal to create a Waste and Truck Traffic Enforcement Task Force along with a letter to the Community Board 1. 

The letter emphasized the need for enforcement of illegal truck traffic and parking that harms the safety and health of our neighborhoods. The proposed task force calls for the inclusion of representatives from Community Board 1, Elected Officials, OUTRAGE, Representatives from the Police Department (90 and 94 Police Precinct), NYC Department of Transportation, NYC Department of Sanitation, and a representative from one of the Waste Transfer Stations. It also declares that the Community Board should send a formal request to the City of New York Departments of Sanitation (NYDOS), Transportation (NYDOT), Police (NYPD), and Elected Officials to assign a representative to participate in this task force. 

Unfortunately, those who could have made a motion to support the proposal were not able to be present. We will have to make the request again for the task force at the next Transportation Committee meeting or Community Board meeting. 

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